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2019 Support Season underway!

We have already started to list events on our calendar for the 2019 season, so feel free to click on the calendar tab and start planning on the events you would like to help out with.  As we get the information on how to register as a volunteer for each event we will update the information in the calendar as well as put the events in the upcoming events list below. 


Storm Spotter Training - Training for your club meeting info

If you want to take the online training:

There are two modules that must be completed to get your Storm Spotter certification, it should take between 1.5 and 3 hours to get through both modules.  When you click the Enroll Now button you will be taken to the Comet MetEd web site.  Click the Enroll button and you will be taken to a registration form.  The key to getting proper credit for your certification is to make sure you put Kevin's email address into the "Supervisor/Instructor email" box on the form.  His email address is

The first module is "The Role of the Skywarn Spotter" and is available here:

The second module is called "Skywarn Spotter Convectivce Basics" and is available here:

Once you have gotten your storm spotter training if you would like to be added to the Storm Spotter Activation Email list please  go to this page to sign yourself up. 

If you want to have Kevin come to your club meeting to do an in person training:

If you are a HAM radio club officer and you would like Kevin to come to one of your meetings to do the Storm Spotter training and get your HAM operators listed on the activation email list send Kevin an email.


UtahSAG is looking to find someone who has experience writing grant requests and doing fundraising.  If you, or someone you know, has these skills please contact me at


If you have any suggestions for this site, or if you know of an event that should be listed please send an email to

Thanks to everyone!