UtahSAG is now officially UtahSAG, Inc.

We registered as  a Utah Non-Profit Corporation and received our IRS EIN and 501C3 status as of December 7, 2018.

In addition to the support services we provide to public service events and other community organizations, we are working on fundraising for equipment that the HAM radio community is in need of.  As an example of this kind of need is the equipment and supplies necessary for the National Weather Service office in Salt Lake City.  The weather service folks will be doing an internal remodeling of their office space and as part of that remodeling there will be a space dedicated for the use of HAM operators for Skywarn and in the event that there is a weather emergency activation.  Unfortunately, due to cuts to the federal budgets and changes in what the weather service offices can requisition, they are no in the positions to get what will be needed.   As such it falls to us in the HAM community to acquire and provide what's needed to the folks at our Weather Service office so that we can provide to them the best support possible.  What we found out during the Skywarn Recognition Day event last December was that they had radios that were missing parts (microphones, headphones, power cords), and damaged equipment (one of their dual band ground plane antennas is damaged and the cost to repair can't be justified compared to the cost of new antennas) as well as the need to get a new multi-band HF antenna and two or three laptops for Echolink/IRLP, Packet Radio and APRS operation.  And, with the construction, new coax to the roof, new antenna mounts, wall plates, connectors etc.

We also are looking to get replacement equipment for some of the older repeaters in Utah, as well as getting new repeaters in areas with limited coverage so that we can better support the events we are asked to assist with.  And there's always the need for replacement repeater antennas after our harsh winters.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to UtahSAG that we can use for one of these purposes please head over to our GoFundMe page.